Application Level Multicasting

Using SplitStream

SplitStream is a cooperative, distributed, peer-to-peer system for application level multicasting. Peers work together to form a tree structure and deliver multicast content. SplitStream places an emphasis on achieving high bandwidth, distributing the load of forwarding content fairly across all peers, and takes advantage of the differences in bandwidth capacities between peers.

Project Report

Multicast Streaming with SplitStream

Project Implementation

  1. Download the implementation
  2. Download the following libraries
  3. To start the server run:
    java -cp splitstream.jar:concurrent-jaxed.jar:log4j.jar:jl1.0.jar:kj_dsp1.1.jar mediaServer.MediaServer mp3_file
  4. To start the client run:
    java -cp splitstream.jar:concurrent-jaxed.jar:log4j.jar:jl1.0.jar:kj_dsp1.1.jar mediaClient.MediaClient server_address
  5. Press <enter> in the server window to begin streaming.


Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3


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